Marmore MENA Intelligence signs MoU with TAC ECONOMICS


Marmore Mena Intelligence, a subsidiary of Kuwait Financial Centre ‘Markaz’ and a research house focused on conducting Mena-specific business, economic and capital market research, has announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with TAC ECONOMICS s.a.s (TAC) to facilitate meaningful and purposive research exploration, especially in terms of developing collaborative and proprietary risk models.

The Marmore-TAC partnership will possess a wide range of sophisticated modelling and combined statistical expertise that can be applied across diverse sectors and industries. Thus, external clients availing the services of the partnership can benefit from evidence-based research and decisions, enabling reliable strategic foresight for them to guide their entities. The partnership can provide clients with significant value enhancement, especially in areas where information asymmetries can hamper growth opportunities for companies. The synergies between Marmore and TAC significantly strengthens our capabilities in the areas of risk assessment and evidence-based or quantifiable management approaches, using which stakeholders (like banks) can pursue optimal performance on their business and strategic decisions. 

Commenting on the development, M. R. Raghu, Head of Research at Markaz and Managing Director of Marmore said, "It is a win-win scenario for both Marmore and TAC. We have multiple capabilities that can combine well to produce a unique partnership model to accelerate innovative research that stakeholders in Kuwait and the wider GCC region seek in this hour of shifting economic and business realities.”

Dr. Thierry Apoteker, Chairman of TAC ECONOMICS added, “We are delighted to engage in a fruitful research collaboration with Marmore, so that we can combine their in-depth local knowledge of economic, financial and market characteristics and issues in the GCC region with our capabilities in terms of complex modelling and data-based analytical approaches to risk and opportunities in the region”.

The research partnership underlines Marmore’s commitment to build an ecosystem for high quality research in collaboration with premier international research entities. The partnership will not just significantly impact our mutual offerings in the GCC, but help promote the paradigm of reliable research underpinning evidence-based business and policy decisions.

Marmore has published over 700 research reports and covered more than 25 varied industries and infrastructure segments; all focused primarily on the GCC economies. With over 30 policy and regulatory research studies published, Marmore has partnered with renowned regional think-tanks and opinion-leaders to publish some of these thought-provoking policy research papers. These research studies aim to initiate dialogue and propose better solutions to existing economic conundrums. 

TAC ECONOMICS is a fully independent European research group, headquartered in France, providing advisory services on macroeconomics, country risk analyses, international economic and financial issues for industrial companies, financial investors and multilateral organizations. Since the 1990s, TAC has established a strong reputation for being able to understand the key economic issues pertaining to emerging markets and apply relevant quantitative techniques, modelling and AI tools in order to deliver operational results to its private sector customers as well as to multilateral institutions.