“Markaz” sponsors the “Arab-British Economic Summit 2019”


Kuwait Financial Centre “Markaz” has announced its sponsorship for “Arab British Economic Summit 2019”, which will take place today in London. Mr. Manaf Abdulaziz Alhajeri, CEO of Markaz, will take a part in the summit as the Chair of the sixth session, along with a number of British and Arab business leaders.

Markaz sponsors the sixth session, that focuses on the banking and financial sector, and discusses Fintech and Block chain. The session will explore how traditional banking in the UK and the Arab world can adapt to the disruptive impact of Fintech on the financial industry. It will further consider whether the UK and the Arab region possess the suitable infrastructure to enable a major Fintech industry to flourish. Finally, speakers will address the potential opportunities for investment in the UK and Arab Fintech industries.

In this regard, Mr. Alhajeri, said, “Markaz always strives to participate effectively and contribute to sustainable economic development. This sponsorship comes from our keenness to stay updated with the latest global economic development, explore new opportunities for investments on a larger scale, adopt new economic expansions that would benefit our customers, and attract investors who are looking for financial services in line with global movements.”

He added, “Markaz participation in “Arab British Economic Summit” reflects our social and economic responsibility to align the business environment with the best corporate standards through partnerships with international experts. Markaz is keen to collaborate with many thought leaders and renowned institutes to formulate strategic perspectives and offer practical solutions to economic issues and contribute to improve the investment industry.”   

The summit will also address a range of topics in the other five session that have a vital impact on business sectors, such as infrastructure investment and sustainable development, renewable vs non-renewable energy, MENA as a hub for global markets, agriculture and water security, youth employment and entrepreneurship.

The summit will provide insights into these topics through panel discussions, keynote speakers and by providing opportunities for discussion with other attendees. It will showcase the broad range of projects emerging and under development within the Arab world and the huge scope for British involvement. It will also offer invaluable opportunities for investors, exporters, experts, consultants and providers of services to engage in dialogue with project leaders and decision makers.

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