Markaz organizes webinar on how GCC is evolving as an important emerging market opportunity


GCC Markets: An Attractive EM Allocation Play

Kuwait Financial Centre “Markaz” announced its upcoming webinar that sheds light on the unique attributes that differentiate GCC countries from other Emerging Markets (EMs), as well as the lucrative opportunities available throughout. Titled ‘GCC Markets: An Attractive EM Allocation Play,’ the webinar will be held on 29 May 2023 and will be presented by Mr. M. R. Raghu – CEO, Marmore MENA Intelligence, the research arm of Markaz.

The webinar will showcase key factors that set the GCC apart from other emerging markets, as well as the current and future share of GCC markets in the EM index. The webinar will also provide a detailed overview of the most opportune regional sectors for investment along with expected future investment trends. This online event will give attendees, specifically family offices and high net-worth individuals, the opportunity to discuss EMs and gain industry insights in light of the highly competitive financial ecosystem, in an effort to cater to their investment needs and goals.  

Mr. Abdullah Al-Nouri, Assistant Vice President, Wealth Management and Business Development at Markaz stated: “The event comes as part of Markaz’s ongoing efforts to keep clients up to date with the latest and futuristic market trends, and informed of the available opportunities across different sectors and markets, enabling them to make sound investment decisions based on in-depth studies and research. In addition, Markaz’s webinars enables clients to gain in-depth information in the financial and investment sectors easily and from anywhere, which allows them to be effortlessly ahead of the curve.” 

It is worth mentioning that Markaz launched various initiatives over the years, including a series of seminars that address investment opportunities for clients across different sectors. The latest of those was the 2023 outlook seminar titled “Identifying Investment Opportunities in Light of Current Market Challenges”, which witnessed more than 300 attendees. The event was led by Markaz’s experts in asset management, investment banking, and wealth management, who shared effective strategies on how to identify opportunities across target markets.