“Markaz” is a bronze sponsor for the 2nd “Night Run” Marathon of Kuwait Banking Association


Kuwait Financial Centre “Markaz” has sponsored the 2nd “Night Run” Marathon of Kuwait Banking Association (KBA) held on 13th of April 2019, at Murooj complex, with approximately 1000 participants. Markaz sponsorship aims at contributing to the human development in the fields of health and sports, especially through various activities and initiatives that improve the healthy lifestyle of the society.

The event, held for the second year, allows people to explore and improve their physical capabilities. It also brought together specialized experts in the fields of fitness, sports and food companies, who provided valuable tips and advices to the participants about healthy lifestyles.

The marathon initiative aimed to raise the awareness on the importance of health and fitness activities and to adapt it to the community’s daily lives. It was organized under two categories: male and female, and the participants were families, athletes and runners, who gathered in a fun, enthusiast and sports competition atmosphere.

Ms. Sondos Saad, Assistant Vice President and Acting Head of Media and Communications Department at Markaz, said, “Markaz participation in the 2nd night marathon organized by Kuwait Banks Association affirms our belief in the importance of supporting social initiatives that improve society’s health and sports awareness among its members. We are proud of the continuous partnership between “Markaz” and Kuwait Banks Association through several social and economic initiatives that play an active role in the development of the society and national economy”.

She added, “Markaz adopted a corporate social and economic responsibility strategy that aims at fulfilling Markaz’s responsibilities to society and national economy. The strategy is founded on three main pillars, namely: 1) building human capacity, 2) aligning our business environment with the principles of sustainable development and 3) promoting good governance in the business environment”.