Markaz continues to expand its International Real Estate Investment program across the USA and Europe


Markaz continues to expand its International Real Estate Investment program across the USA and Europe

The International Real Estate Investment program of Kuwait Financial Centre “Markaz” delivered a solid performance in 2020. It produced healthy returns for its clients despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, confirming its position as a leading asset manager in the MENA region. Being a leader in anticipating market conditions and industry trends, Markaz leveraged opportunities presented by the pandemic, successfully completing a series of sales transactions from its real estate portfolio in the USA and Europe. Building on this success, and on the expertise of its team, Markaz is purposefully expanding its real estate investment program in these international markets.

Markaz competitive edge gives consistent performance

Abdullatif W. Al-Nusif, Executive Vice President, Wealth Management & Business Development at Markaz, stated: “We are very pleased with the performance of our real estate investments across the US and Europe. This year represents another milestone for the program’s success and our capability to achieve attractive returns despite continuing uncertainty across all markets and sectors. Our competitive edge comes from having a fully operational office in the USA for over 30 years, with its highly experienced team building and proactively leveraging our strategic partnerships with leading partners.”

Capitalizing on opportunities

Al-Nusif added: “At Markaz, We remain focused on expanding our portfolio in existing and new markets across the USA and Europe. The current market conditions have and will continue to create, if well-selected, exciting opportunities. Capitalizing on the partnerships we have built with leading partners, service providers and lending institutions over the past 30 years, we are amplifying our existing development program in the USA, and very similarly in Europe, expanding into Poland, Germany and the Netherlands. In a parallel strategy, the team is currently assessing the landscape for sectors that have been temporarily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, but which have enduring future potential, such as hospitality.”

Investors’ trust in Markaz innovative investment solutions

Deena Y. AlRefai, Senior Vice President, Investor Relations at Markaz said: “The International Real Estate Investment program reflects Markaz’s consistent success in creating value for its stakeholders, through its well-designed, innovative investment solutions, steeped in five decades of hands-on experience. A solid track record has increased investor appetite, which Markaz sees increasing with each new transaction and product launch. Having the well-earned trust of investors and other stakeholders is key to Markaz’s ability to realize healthy returns from the program.”  

Leadership anchored by strong USA track-record

Markaz remains one of the leading asset managers in the region, performing consistently over the years a track record springing from its research-based approach to durable investment decisions. Markaz has been active in the US real estate market since launching its first syndicated transaction there in 1977. Since 1988, Markaz has been conducting its real estate transactions through its Mar-Gulf USA real estate arm, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary. Over these highly-active thirty years, Markaz been involved in the ownership and development of real estate properties across industrial, storage, retail, residential and office segments across the entire USA, with total acquisitions exceeding USD 1.8 billion as of September 30, 2020.