A statement by Kuwait Financial Centre “Markaz”


Kuwait Financial Centre "Markaz" issued a statement revealing that, on the evening of Friday 30th April 2021, a member of its Executive Management has been subjected to defamation attempts via WhatsApp that resulted in spreading false rumors about him and the company.

The Company clarified that these allegations could not be farther from the truth, and do not have any impact on the results and financial position of the Company.

Markaz has immediately reported the incident to Anti-Cyber ​​Crimes Department at the Ministry of Interior, and is currently working on taking all other actions available under applicable laws.

The Company calls on the general public to exercise caution to avoid being exposed to similar criminal acts, and to implement the measures recommended by the competent authorities, which include changing all passwords, and refraining from communicating with these individuals. "Markaz" also strictly advises to avoid falsified news and to rely on credible verifiable sources only.