Rise of Markaz robo-advisor: a digital portfolio planner tool

27/08/2019 | by Hussein Zeineddine

 Markaz robo-advisor

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the world of retirement and future course of income planning, by using enhanced datasets and algorithms to efficiently deliver solutions tailored to Investor’s needs. AI can help them save, invest and retire better. One of the hottest trends to emerge in this area that use the data supplied by clients to create and automatically manage their investment portfolios.

Robo-advisors have achieved significant success in recent years. The robo-advisors managed $128 billion in assets as of November 2017, an increase of $88 billion from 2015. Organizations launched its robo-advisor solution in 2016 and has amassed $19 billion in assets during a one-year period, which shows that performance of robo-advisors is quite appreciating.

According to John Stein, CEO of robo advisor Firm that manages over $8 billion for 240,000 customers, stated that their growth path over the past few years has been faster than the growth of mutual funds and ETFs and the reason is the robo-advisors. Even when those products were new, in their early days. This idea of technology-driven, smarter investing is really transforming the way that people think about what they do with their money. It is taking off in a way that has never been seen before.

However, Are They The Most Effective Solution?

Based upon the above data and monitoring closely the recent trends that are taking place in financial industry, Markaz’s pioneering Management, Information Technology Services team and highly qualified analysts along with some of authentic service providers in market are working together in order to introduce a new Portfolio Planner tool that will change the future course of investments for its clients within the Zone.

Rise of Robo-Advisor at Markaz

Markaz robo-advisor is an authentic online financial advisory platform that provides algorithm-based investment management services, including automated portfolio planning, automatic asset allocation, online risk assessments, account rebalancing and numerous other digital tools. Markaz is a customer driven organization where client’s needs are put first. High-end technology and qualified analysts at Markaz ensure client requirements are taken care of. When it comes to client‘s dynamic financial goals, Markaz leaves no stone unturned in order to ensure client assets are safe.

Customers Need Human Interaction and Customization As Well

While robo-advisors are completely machine based tools, they appear particularly strong in the areas of account opening, enrollment and investment management, but they seem to lag behind in areas such as customer relationship management, wealth planning and client servicing. Nevertheless, Markaz’s newest tool will remove all these obstacles for our esteemed customers.

Markaz robo-advisors

Markaz robo-advisors will have a number of benefits, including an easier onboarding process, a suite of automated capabilities and minimal investment requirements compared to traditional alternatives. Markaz’s combination of human and robotic intelligence is going to bring revolution in the Kuwait financial industry. The algorithmic mathematical analysis by Markaz robo-advisor on client investments is combined with robust planning by highly qualified relationship officers (analysts). Robo-advisors also typically use their reduced fees to target millennials and low-income households. Markaz robo-advisor will offer its customers an automated solution to help them take their investment decisions. Our customers are our pride and keeping in consideration their dynamic financial goals, Markaz is bringing this brilliant tool to the market.

Some Special Features of Markaz Robo-Advisor

  • Markaz robo-advisor will target minimum assets under management (AUMs) and simpler account types that only vary based on the risk level.
  • Robo-advisors available at market cannot have deeper conversations as financial advisors do to further understand client interests and build a more customized goal plan. However, robo-advisory service at Markaz will ensure additional support is provided at any point of time especially in terms of changing goals and plans also helping clients to reassess the risk profiling and online questionnaires
  • Current robo-advisors available around are lacking at adapting to changing circumstances and cannot provide life-stage management effectively. However, Markaz robo-advisory services would provide our clients a human touch services as well
  • Markaz robo-advisory is bought into functionality only after a detailed research and analyzing some of the current shortcoming of market Robo advisors.

Markaz robo-advisors image 2

Markaz robo-advisor uses the artificial intelligence technology. This will be interlinked with one of the Markaz’s sophisticated asset management system called Vestio, which will serve as a primary data source. It is accompanied with few of the markets data providers with whom Markaz is integrating in order to extract market data information. Once a client fills up the questionnaire regarding his personal information; investment goals and risk tolerance. Markaz robo-advisor compiles all this information and provides reliable results. Markaz robo-advisory services is going to be available online and through a mobile app. A client can access his details anywhere anytime. With this, Markaz is all about brining innovation to Client doorsteps.