Markets end 2010 in the Green


GCC markets were mostly up in December; S&P GCC gained 4.5% for the month with the annual gain coming in at almost 13%. The UAE continued to lag; ending 2010 in the red, with Abu Dhabi and Dubai losing 1.5% and 10%, respectively, for the year. Qatar and Kuwait’s Weighted Index were the clear winners; gaining roughly 25% each. The S&P GCC Index slightly underperformed MSCI EM, which was up 16% in 2010, but significantly outperformed MSCI BRIC, up just 5% for the year.

Total Value Traded in the GCC totaled USD 296 bn in 2010, a 42% annual decline and amounting to just 58% of the 2009 total and a far cry from the peak value of USD 1.6 trillion clocked in 2006. Pan GCC risk was down 40% in December and saw a 72% decline in 2010 with half of the GCC seeing declines in volatility in the final month of the year; the largest of which was 26% in MVX Kuwait. Qatar, Oman and Bahrain saw slight increases in risk, 7% for MVX Qatar. The largest annual decline among GCC markets was 84% in MVX Abu Dhabi, while Saudi and Kuwait saw a 60% reduction in risk each in 2010.

GCC Markets Review


 Global Markets review

World markets ended the year on a positive note; with last minute strong economic and market indicators pushing equities higher. Crude oil gained 7.6% in December, ending the year at $92.81/bbl, a 20% annual gain and its highest level post crisis. MSCI World gained over 7% for the month, bringing the annual return to 13% for 2010.

Monthly returns were positive closing out the year. Europe and EAFE saw gains of 8% each while MSCI World, FTSE, Asia ex. Japan, and the S&P 500 all gained 7% in December. Shanghai continues to lag, flat for December and down 14% for the year.   

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