Markaz organizes training session with Dawn Metcalfe on the role of effective communication in high-performance workplaces


Kuwait Financial Centre “Markaz” announced that it recently organized a masterclass featuring internationally renowned workplace culture advisor, author and speaker Ms. Dawn Metcalfe. The masterclass, which was entitled “Effective Communication in High-Performing Teams” and held at Chairman’s Club, Kuwait City, on 17 November, came as part of Markaz’s ongoing efforts to create and sustain an organizational culture that thrives on open and candid communication and enables employees to reach their full potential. 

During the hybrid event, which saw the enthusiastic participation of Markaz employees, Ms. Dawn delved deep into the critical importance of effective communication in building successful, well-engaged and high-performing teams. She shared powerful ideas to improve communication skills. The session focused on understanding our own emotional reactions to others, and that no matter where we come from, it is equally hard to have the difficult conversations that are vital for success. The participants in the event also received a signed copy of the speaker’s book, ‘The HardTalk Handbook’.

“Operating in a complex and highly specialised business environment, Markaz professionals have been bred to understand from 47 years of company experience that one of its strongest success factors has been to communicate clearly, transparently and often, to win and retain the fullest confidence of its clients,” said Peter Kelly, Executive Vice President, Human Resources, Markaz. “Candid business conversations can sometimes be uncomfortable, particularly when work boundaries overlap, and can reduce the effectiveness of communication around critical issues. The highly engaging masterclass by Ms. Dawn Metcalfe was a significant addition to our efforts aimed at encouraging our people to be skilled in speaking up and speaking out to ensure that our clients’ interests are at the heart of every professional discussion.”

Ms. Dawn authored The HardTalk Handbook and Managing the Matrix and is also the founder and Managing Director of Dubai-based consultancy PDSi. She is an expert in winning business behaviours and her professional focus is on how individuals, teams and businesses can use the levers already available in their organizations to build sustainable cultures to match and support their objectives. She speaks regularly at industry and private events and writes for many publications including Harvard Business Review.