Markaz launches the “Global Mawazine Fund” to invest in global stock markets and fixed income instruments


At the press conference held on Sunday, April 19, 2015 at the Four Points Hotel, the Kuwait Financial Center (K.P.S.C.) launched the "Mawazine Global Fund", a globally diversified open-ended investment fund that aims to achieve capital growth. at low risk. The Mawazine Global Fund will invest in investment funds licensed in the global stock markets, and will distribute its investments between stocks and fixed income instruments.

The fund is managed to suit investors looking to invest their assets in global equity markets and fixed income instruments and take advantage of the potential to improve net returns from the effects of risk. The risks posed by the investors in this fund are considered moderate, with the investment holding period ranging from three to five years. The Mawazine Global Fund offers investors the opportunity to diversify their assets from local markets that are highly dependent on the price of a single commodity.

Mr. Gopal Menon, Executive Vice President of International Investments Department at Markaz, said: "Through the Mawazine Global Fund, we seek to direct the attention of our investors to global markets in order to diversify their investments and obtain better returns at a medium level of risk. Therefore, we are keen to provide investment solutions A balanced combination of equities and fixed income instruments.

Mr. Abdullatif Walid Al-Nisf, Vice President of the Private Investment Services Department at Markaz added: “Markaz always strives to provide the best investment solutions that suit the needs of local and international investors. The Mawazine Fund is ideally suited to investors looking to invest in Medium to long term with less volatility compared to traditional stock markets.

Markaz is one of the first institutions in the region to invest in listed funds. In 2005, Markaz launched the Atlas portfolio of listed investment funds, enabling its clients to invest in a new low-cost, diversified and highly liquid asset class. Markaz has since included listed funds in a number of its new and existing products with the aim of mitigating risks, increasing returns, and being able to adopt strategies and enter previously inaccessible markets and sectors.

It is worth noting that Markaz was awarded the “Best Asset Manager in Kuwait” award in 2014 by Global Investor magazine for the fifth year in a row, and by EMEA Finance. In addition to receiving the "Best Investment Bank in Kuwait" award from Global Finance, Euromoney and EMEA Finance. Markaz was chosen to receive these awards in recognition of its skills in executing many successful operations for its clients in the fields of debt, equity, mergers and acquisitions, as well as providing financial advisory services.

In December 2014, the international rating agency, Capital Intelligence, announced that it had fixed the rating of the Kuwaiti Financial Center Company “Markaz” bonds at investment grade BBB. This rating reflects Markaz's conservative business model represented by the company's good liquidity, low debt and improved earnings in 2013 and the first nine months of 2014. The agency rated the company's overall outlook as "stable" based on the company's outstanding track record of The establishment of funds with strong performance in various investment categories, and the "Markaz" maintaining its good reputation as the best fund manager in terms of risk management.

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About the Kuwait Financial Center "Markaz"

The Kuwait Financial Center (KSC) "Markaz" was established in 1974 to become one of the reputable financial institutions in the Arab Gulf region in the fields of asset management and investment banking. The center now manages total assets of 1.08 billion Kuwaiti dinars as of December 31, 2014 (US$3.71 billion). Markaz was listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange in 1997.

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