Markaz is a strategic sponsor of Tenders for SMEs forum


Kuwait Financial Centre “Markaz” supported “Tenders for SMEs” forum organized by Emtidad Co. under the patronage of The Central Agency for Public Tenders on 21 January 2020 at Shaheed Park, phase 2.

Sheikh Humoud Salah Al-Sabah, AVP, Government Business Relations, Markaz stated: “At Markaz, we believe that entrepreneurs and SMEs are fundamental for the development of societies and economies. Therefore, we are proud of our strategic sponsorship of the forum that aimed at increasing this segment’s awareness on the current laws and enabling them to shed light on the challenges they face, in order to build a communication bridge between all society segments and achieve sustainable development in Kuwait.”

He added, “60% of Kuwaitis are under 30 years old. Based on the latest statistics, 390,000 Kuwaitis work in the public and private sectors. Over the coming 10 years, around half million Kuwaitis will join the labor market, which is more than the current number. It is our responsibility to improve the business environment, create job opportunities for the coming generations and support SMEs to grow through innovative solutions such ad this forum.”

The forum shed light on a number of key topics such as Law no. 74 for 2019 about the SMEs rights in public tenders, and the opportunities in public and private tenders.

Markaz sponsorship of the forum falls in line with its Corporate Social and Economic Responsibility (CSER) strategy, which consists of three key pillars, namely: Building human capacity, Aligning our business environment with the principles of sustainable development, and Promoting good governance in the business environment. Markaz activities within this strategy covers a variety of projects that support sustainability including developing human capabilities to achieve economic development.