“Markaz” hosted a tailored Governance Program offered by Nestor Advisors


Keen to enhance the leadership skills of its teams, Kuwait Financial Centre “Markaz” hosted Nestor Advisors, a leading global firm in corporate governance advisory services, to offer a tailored governance program for Markaz employees who are Nominee Directors and members of the Corporate Affairs team.

The “Nominee Director Development Program” was held on April 24th 2019 at The Chairman’s Club. It was delivered by Mr. Stilpon Nestor, Founder and Managing Director of Nestor Advisors, a former Head of OECD Corporate Governance Department, along with Mr. Florian Sommer, Principal at Nestor Advisors and formerly Corporate Governance Associate at Cartica Management.

The collaboration between Markaz and Nestor Advisors provided a platform to share expertise in providing custom training to boards and senior management on corporate governance, internal controls and risk management. The seminar addressed the key areas of the role of the board, the role of nominee directors, and related board dynamics.

Manaf A. Alhajeri, Markaz Chief Executive Officer, stated, “Markaz believes in the importance of empowering its leaders and employees and enhance their skills. Therefore, Markaz hosts such seminars and programs regularly to continue our mission in building a sustainable wealth for our clients and partners. Responsible and informed board membership is a core competency for our industry seniors.”

He added, “Our collaboration with Nestor Advisors affirms Markaz’s culture to perform at the highest proficiency level, build confidence in a competitive market and support careers that fulfill both professional and personal goals.”

Nominee Directors and members of the Corporate Affairs team came away with a fully rounded understanding of corporate governance concepts, and with an increased awareness of how to approach their responsibilities as board members of investee companies.

Nestor Advisors is a London-based advisory firm founded in 2003, specializing in corporate governance and organizational design. Nestor Advisors has worked with the boards and senior management of financial institutions, companies and not-for-profit organizations in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Asia. The firm concentrates on improving decision making, organizational structures, controls and incentives.