Development of Kuwaiti talents continues under Markaz and Loyac partnership


As part of its strategy to build human capacity in order to enable and maintain a sustainable future, Kuwait Financial Centre K.P.S.C “Markaz” renewed its annual partnership with Loyac. This partnership affirms Markaz's continuous commitment to supporting Loyac’s initiatives pertaining to developing the skills of Kuwaiti youths.

Photo Caption: Mr. Alrazi AlBudaiwi and Ms. Deena Al Refai from Kuwait Financial Centre “Markaz” along with Ms. Rabaa AlHajri from Loyac

Mr. Alrazi Y. Al-Budaiwi, Head of Media and Communications at “Markaz” said: "We are proud of our partnership with Loyac due to their significant role in engaging the youth, refining their abilities and enforcing their sense of responsibility. As we believe in the importance of effective social initiatives to drive economic growth and social sustainability, and in the achievements accomplished by Loyac in this field, we are honored to continue supporting this successful Kuwaiti organization. We would also like to thank its dedicated team for their efforts invested in developing our youth's skills and in building their capabilities."

Mr. Al-Budaiwi added: "This partnership comes as part of “Markaz” corporate citizenship strategy that aims at fulfilling the corporate social and economic responsibilities through three main pillars, which are a) building human capabilities, b) aligning our business environment with the principles of sustainable development, c) and promoting good governance in the business environment. Our activities within this strategy include several variety of topics aimed at sustainability, including the development of the capacities of young people and enabling them to utilize their abilities towards achieving a sustainable future."

Ms. Rabaa Al-Hajri, Head of Communications at Loyac stated: "Loyac programs target the youth between the ages of 6 to 30 years old and aim at growing and developing their abilities to benefit the society. Markaz's renewed partnership and its direct and indirect support will enable us to refine Kuwait's youth capabilities, empower them and increase their knowledge, professionalism and sense of giving through our training programs and volunteering initiatives. With the support we receive from our partners, we managed to train more than 22,000 students annually."

Ms. Al-Hajri extended her gratitude to Markaz for their ongoing support to Loyac through sponsorships targeting the youth. She added that the partnership between the two entities is strong and founded on a mutual belief in the importance of developing a very important segment of the Kuwaiti society, the youth. It is worth mentioning that Loyac was founded 10 years ago, and is currently managing many innovative programs targeting the youth to help them develop their professional skills and become efficient individuals in the society .

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