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Video Casts

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Markaz launches ‘Procurement Guide’ to Contractual Arrangements between Governmental & Quasi-Governmental Entities and the Company
Published: 12 - Oct - 2020 Read More
Markaz Research
Markaz exits industrial property in Phoenix achieving an internal rate of return of 17.44% for its investors
Published: 10 - Oct - 2020 Read More
Markaz Research
Markaz: Most GCC markets positive despite mounting concerns on economic recovery
Published: 04 - Oct - 2020 Read More
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Video Casts

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Published: 09-02-2016

M.R. Raghu: Top GCC Risks for 2016 & Beyond

M. R. Raghu: Oil prices, monetary policies and emerging markets pose challenges to GCC economies.

Published: 04-02-2016

Means to reform Kuwait’s economy amidst low oil prices

Interview with Mr. Manaf Alhajeri, CEO of Kuwait Financial Centre “Markaz”, about the means to reform Kuwait’s economy amidst low oil prices.

Published: 11-10-2012

Markaz Videocasts Episode 32 - GCC Infrastructure - Qatar Power

Qatar is one of the few countries in the Gulf, where power generation has grown considerably in the last decade. Attributed to high GDP growth rates and po.. More..

Published: 22-04-2012

Markaz Videocasts Episode 29 - GCC Infrastructure - GCC Seaports

GCC Infrastructure - GCC Seaports - Presented by MR Raghu - Senior Vice President of Research at "Markaz"

Published: 11-04-2012

Markaz Videocasts Episode 30 - MENA Market Intelligence - Week Ending 5th Of April

MENA Market Intelligence - Week ending 5th of April- Presented by Humoud Salah Al-Sabah - Assistant Analyst in the Research Department at "Markaz".

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Videocast Presenters

Humoud Salah N Al-Sabah

Financial Analyst Holds a B.A. Finance degree, from Gulf University for Science and technology & has completed the Graduate Training Program from Kuwait Investment Authority.

[email protected]

M.R Raghu

is the head of research and President of CFA Kuwait. He is also a certified Financial Risk Manager (FRM) from the Global Association for Risk Professionals, USA.

[email protected]