Sheikh Dr. Meshaal Jaber Al-Ahmad Al Sabah to Marmore: KDIPA approved direct investments equivalent

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Sheikh Dr. Meshaal Jaber Al-Ahmad Al Sabah to Marmore: KDIPA approved direct investments equivalent to US$ 1.25 bn in 2015 31 - May - 2016

Marmore MENA Intelligence, a research subsidiary of Kuwait Financial Centre “Markaz”, recently released its new issue of “Marmore Bulletin” quarterly magazine that highlights the latest GCC market news and the recent Marmore research.

The magazine included a feature interview with Sheikh Dr. Meshaal Jaber Al-Ahmad Al Sabah, Director General, Kuwait Direct Investment Promotion Authority (KDIPA), in which he discussed the organization’s vision, activities and responsibilities, in addition to its approach in attracting investments as well as its plans. Sheikh Meshaal also talked about the investment licenses granted recently to global players as it approved direct investments equivalent to US$ 1.25 bn in 2015, the challenges that face the investment sector and KDIPA’s role in supporting the transition to a knowledge-based economy that nurtures innovation and entrepreneurship.

The latest issue of “Marmore Bulletin” also included a research on the role of private equity (PE) for Kuwait’s family business. The study highlighted the stages of growth in a Kuwaiti family business and the potential role of PEs, in addition to the importance of assembling a creative partnership and the needs to achieve best returns for the stakeholders.

The magazine covered a study on KSA brokerage industry and the challenging times ahead. It clarified the initiatives taken to boost liquidity in KSA by attracting foreign investors and domestic and international institutional participants.

One of the research studies covered was on Kuwait economic themes in 2016 and the impact on investments including the lowest fiscal breakeven price (BEP) among GCC countries, creation of a local debt market in Kuwait, introduction of taxes, subsidy rationalization, accelerated implementation of KDP and improving business environment.

The magazine’s publisher, Marmore MENA Intelligence, offers a full-fledged research in asset management and investment banking focused on Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Marmore’s objective is to provide services of financial research and analysis of Mena economies, markets, and companies. The research team at Marmore is positioned to support Markaz in providing the very best investment ideas to its clients in addition to enriching the local/regional investment landscape with a full range of quantitative, unbiased research. Marmore aims to be thematic in selecting research ideas with a clear focus on investment actions and merits.

Marmore uses highly specialized databases, both outsourced and in-house in order to be statistically rich in its presentations and analysis. The team aims to be as objective as possible. In this spirit, the analyst team uses advanced quantitative finance techniques to the extent that they can be successfully adapted to the region.


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Established in 2010, Marmore is a research subsidiary of Markaz, an investment bank and asset management firm that celebrated 40 years of business in 2014. Marmore caters to the growing research and information needs of organizations in the MENA region. The company publishes reports and conducts research on demand.

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