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Markaz continues to expand its International Real Estate Investment program across the USA and Europe
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Markaz Research
Markaz announces the reduction of net loss to KD 6.02 for the first 9M of 2020, after achieving net profit of KD 4 million for Q3 ending September 30, 2020,
Published: 12 - Nov - 2020 Read More
Markaz Research
Markaz: Weak earnings and dim economic outlook pressure GCC markets
Published: 04 - Nov - 2020 Read More
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Management Committees

The Board has formed six Management committees to help it oversee Markaz’s decision making and oversight functions.  Each Management committee performs its duties as assigned by the Board in compliance with its own charter.

  1. Assets and Liability Committee (ALCO)
The ALCO reviews the overall liquidity of the Company, evaluates treasury asset allocation proposals, approves loans/credit limits, reviews the outstanding loans and collateral, reviews credit and liquidity risks and approves counterparty limits.

  1. Investment Advisory Committee (IAC)
The IAC sets investment policies, approves investment proposals and business decisions, monitors compliance with investment policies and guidelines, reviews business activity and product performance, resolves business related issues, and reviews and monitors market risks, asset liquidity risk and model risks.

  1. Governance, Risk Management and Compliance Committee (GRC)
The GRC monitors compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements; reviews operational, systems, legal, human resources and regulatory risks; recommends actions on improving internal control systems; reviews the internal audit reports; resolve issues relating to legal and compliance and reviews the business continuity plan.

  1. Budget Management Committee (BMC)
The BMC is responsible to assist in preparing and monitoring the budget.

  1. Loan Classification Committee (LCC)
The LCC is responsible to monitor adherence to CBK guidelines for loans classification.

  1. Real Estate Committee (REC)
The REC provides guidance to the Real Estate MENA team and oversees its real estate activities including funds, portfolios, direct investments and strategic planning in the real estate sector. The REC is responsible to review investment proposals, approve tactical asset allocation and serve as the approving committee for decisions related to entities managed by Markaz for real estate investments.