Markaz Mumtaz Fund

Markaz Mumtaz Fund

Markaz Research
Markaz exits Parc Santa Fe industrial property
Published: 28 - Mar - 2020 Read More
Markaz Research
Markaz: Coronavirus and oil price crash - Kuwait Recovery Strategyneeds a Swift Disaster
Published: 18 - Mar - 2020 Read More
Markaz Research
Markaz proposes a National Disaster Management Plan (NDMS)
Published: 11 - Mar - 2020 Read More
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Markaz Mumtaz Fund

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Winner of five Lipper Fund Awards:
2007; 2010 (three & five years)2008,2011,2012 (five years)

Winner of the Kuwait Equity Fund of the Year Award from MENA FM: 2010.

Rated by S&P  "A" and Gold:
2010 - 2011 - 2012 - 2013

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