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Markaz: GCC Equities continue their gains led by Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi
Published: 05 - Apr - 2021 Read More
Markaz Research
Khalil: Economy diversification requires a holistic policy and non-banks can bridge the gap in risk-taking
Published: 03 - Apr - 2021 Read More
Markaz Research
Alghanim: Unwavering support of executive management, employees and stakeholders steers Markaz through turbulent 2020
Published: 22 - Mar - 2021 Read More
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Type Equities Real Estate Private Equity
& Hybrid
Derivatives Fixed Income
Region Kuwait, MENA,Global Kuwait MENA,Global Kuwait  GCC
Mumtaz, MidafIslamic, Arabian,
ETFMawazeenPortfoliosCapitalPreservation, MMIF
MREF   Forsa Fixed Income

Markaz Mumtaz Fund Summary 

Fund Objective:
To achieve long term capital appreciation through investing in blue-chip companies listed on the KSE.

Markaz Investment & Development Fund Summary 

Fund Objective:
To secure long term capital growth by investing in companies listed on the KSE.

Markaz Islamic Fund Summary 

Fund Objective:
To obtain high returns through investing in Quoted & Unquoted Companies in Kuwait & GCC countries which follow Islamic constraints.

Markaz MENA Islamic Fund

Fund Objective:
The primary objective of the Fund is to seek capital appreciation through investing in a diversified basket of Shari’ah compliant listed equities & investment funds, in addition to unlisted & listed Sukuk issued or guaranteed by governments of GCC countries in the target markets.

Forsa Financial Fund Summary 

Fund Objective:
To achieve stable returns with low volatility by investing in the shares of companies listed on KSE, issuing and selling derivative instruments (Call and Put Options) on KSE listed stocks.

Markaz Arabian Fund Summary 


Fund Objective:
To seek long term appreciation by investing principally in equity securities listed on the stock markets of MENA countries.
Fund Details


Mawazeen International Fund

Portfolio Objective:
Mawazeen International Fund, a globally diversified open-ended investment fund that seeks to achieve capital growth while maintaining a low risk profile.


Markaz U.S. Industrial Realty Unit I Summary 

Fund Objective:
The objective is to generate current income that would enable the investment unit to distribute an average of 10% per annum on the aggregate capital investment, and to realize a gain once the properties are sold at the end of the life of the Investment Unit.


Markaz Real Estate Fund Summary

Fund Objective:
The objective of the fund is to generate stable and recurring returns, in compliance with the Islamic Sharia’a, by investing in a portfolio of real estate properties within the state of Kuwait during the life of the fund, which is expected to be five years from the date of incorporation.  

Markaz Real Estate Opportunities Fund Summary

Fund Objective:
To generate a compounded annual return of 15% over the Term of the Fund, net of all fees, costs or expenses and any applicable taxes; by investing in a portfolio of properties and real estate development projects in the GCC and wider MENA region, which Markaz believes are poised for increases in rents, land value and/or market value or which otherwise provide opportunities to generate capital appreciation and/or extract attractive ongoing returns.

Markaz U.S. Retail Realty Unit III Summary

Fund Objective:
The principal goal of the offering is to realize a steady cash yield during the investment holding period and capital gains upon liquidation of the Investment Unit.

Markaz U.S. Multifamily Realty Investment Unit IV

Fund Objective:
The Fund’s objective is to develop, lease-up and deliver for sale multifamily properties to capitalize on the market risk premium assigned to new construction investments relative to those in completed, occupied assets.

Markaz Hamilton Lane Technology Fund Summary

Fund Objective:
The Fund invests in venture capital/private equity funds that focus on Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT), in the U.S. and Europe. The Fund has committed to 10 Funds that are well diversified in terms of industry sector, stage of development, geography and investment style.

Markaz Capital Preservation Portfolio

Portfolio Objective:
The Portfolio seeks to provide GB and its clients an opportunity to invest in the Kuwaiti equity market with reduced volatility by attempting to limit any downside to 10%, while providing reasonable participation on the upside.

Markaz Fixed Income Fund Summary

Fund Objective:
Markaz Fixed Income Fund seeks to provide investors with steady returns with reduced risks by investing in high grade, high quality bonds and sukuk issued/guaranteed by sovereigns, quasi-sovereign institutions and highly rated corporations in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries in particular and other Middle East and North Africa (MENA) countries to a lesser degree.