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Markaz Research
Markaz: Accelerating Digital Readiness in GCC Banks imposes the need for periodic evaluation to adopt effective strategies
Published: 01 - Aug - 2021 Read More
Markaz Research
Markaz: Primary Issuances of Bonds and Sukuk in GCC see value rising 18% year-on-year to reach USD 83.7 billion in first half of 2021
Published: 14 - Jul - 2021 Read More
Markaz Research
Jazeera Airways successfully completes a capital increase of KD 10 million, with a subscription coverage rate of 210%
Published: 08 - Jul - 2021 Read More
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Marmore MENA Intelligence   Marmore publishes reports and conducts research on demand. Our narrative revolves around supporting constructive transitions for many of our clients and partners. As a focused research company with a robust track record, we continuously look beyond the horizon to lead the next wave of growth and transformation for our clients, stakeholders and for ourselves.
Capital Markets Authority   CMA is committed to setting supervisory and controlling regulations which support an attractive and competitive investment environment in the State of Kuwait; based on the principles of fairness, transparency, and integrity according to the best international practice.
Boursa Kuwait   Boursa Kuwait is a private entity that was established in April 2014, with the aim to take over and manage the Kuwait stock market and progressively transition its operations, while delivering on three main fronts; transparency, efficiency and accessibility.
Ministry of Commerce and Industry   Established in 1963. It is a public utility institution with an independent legal personality, materially and morally.
Kuwait Chambers of Commerce and Industry   It is a Non-profit, self-financed private institution, established by Ameri decree issued in 1959. Currently the registered members exceeds 79000 and represents the general assembly. The Chamber is a consultative entity in all economic affairs.
Union of Invest Companies   The idea to establish the Union emerged from the desire to cure the big gap in the investment market in Kuwait. This is through revising the economic legislations and introducing suggestions to make them fit the different working investment companies in the market, which play a great and effective role in developing Kuwaiti economy and so investment in Kuwait and creating new investment tools to make Kuwait a prestigious financial center among countries in the region. Moreover, Union works on a lot of other tasks.
CFA Society Kuwait   They strive to contribute to the development of the Investment sector in Kuwait through interactions with decision makers and creating awareness of the CFA Program among students, employers and employees.
Kuwait Central Statistical Bureau   We strive to build what would contribute to the development of our country and to the provision of all the requirements of decision making and designing general policies of the state.


Date : 17/05/2011 Author: M.R. Raghu & Humoud Al Sabah

Since Antwerp Stock exchange Equity markets were always [and still are] flooded more with buy recommendations than sell recommendations it becomes a curious topic to understand the rationale. This is even more true for GCC where more than 90% of the recommendations fall either in buy category or hold category with only few sell recommendations. Obviously with markets not doing that great, most of these buy recommendations should bite the dust.

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GCC Financial Markets: The World's New Money Centers

Date : 02/06/2013 Author: M.R Raghus

Spurred by high oil revenues, credit growth and economic diversification, real GDP growth rates in the GCC countries have been high in international comparison. They have been comparable to those of other emerging and developing markets and considerably higher than those of the world or the advanced economies on average.

Tags:  GCC Markets, GDP, Stock Market
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The Mega Rupee Slide

Date : 10/09/2013 Author: M.R Raghus

The Indian Rupee (INR) is one of the worst performing currencies in the world during 2013 (Table-1). At Rs.65.5/USD it slid by a whopping 19.8% in 2013 (so far) after sliding down by 4% during 2012. The month of August was especially devastating. Since 2000, the current rupee level is the highest ever seen (look at the graph). From a low of Rs.39/dollar in Feb 2008, the Rupee is close to Rs.65.5/dollar. Repeated efforts by RBI to stem the rot went in vain so far.

Tags:  Indian Economy, Indian Market, Monetary Policy, Reserve Bank Of India - RBI
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