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Markaz: Flat performance for most MENA markets
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Markaz: S&P GCC grew by 1.6% in January
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December 2009

Do you think that GCC markets present good opportunity for 2010?

Date : 31/12/2009 Author: Markaz Analyst Club

Will GCC markets recover during 2010?
GCC stock markets have terribly underperformed other markets, both Emerging and Developed, during 2009. The overall MSCI GCC Index gained just 18% against 73% for Emerging markets and 27% for MSCI World. This depressed market activity comes in spite of decent crude oil prices (IPE Brent is up 85% for the year), low inflation (down to 2.5% in 2009 from 11% in 2008) in addition to fairly comfortable fiscal surpluses across the major economies.

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Will Dubai be able to redeem its pride as a tourism and financial hub of the GCC?

Date : 27/12/2009 Author: Markaz Analyst Club

Or do recent events spell the beginning of a long road of decline for the emirate?

Recent events in Dubai not only threw regional and global markets into an, admittedly brief, period of turmoil, but they also raised very justifiable concerns regarding Dubai’s ability to maintain its growth trajectory in addition to furthering its ambitions to be the region’s hub of .. well, everything.

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Is the GCC Monetary Union achievable? And is the UAE vital to its success?

Date : 17/12/2009 Author: Markaz Analyst Club

That was the question posed to our in-house analysts this week following the enactment of the Gulf Monetary Union agreement by four of the six GCC nations at the 30th Annual GCC Summit which was held in Kuwait this past week. Oman opted out in 2006 while the UAE, the GCC’s second largest economy (and arguably its most diversified), pulled out abruptly in May 2009 in protest of locating the joint central bank in Saudi Arabia. The signing of the agreement paves the way for the creation of a joint monetary council, which, in turn, is a precursor to the formation of a joint Central Bank.

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