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Markaz: S&P GCC grew by 1.6% in January
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M.R Raghu

Why is Liquidity important? Some Research Snippets

Date : 20/04/2014 Author: M.R Raghu

Liquidity is at the backbone of any market development and GCC stock markets are no exception. Strong oil price backed wealth effect coupled with retail nature of the market triggering speculative activity contributed to very robust liquidity levels in the past, especially before the financial crisis. Liquidity is generally measured as total value traded and is expressed as a % of total market capitalization to arrive at the velocity. A high velocity may indicate that liquidity is running ahead of the market and vice versa.

Tags:  GCC Markets, Oil, Stock Market
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The Mega Rupee Slide

Date : 10/09/2013 Author: M.R Raghus

The Indian Rupee (INR) is one of the worst performing currencies in the world during 2013 (Table-1). At Rs.65.5/USD it slid by a whopping 19.8% in 2013 (so far) after sliding down by 4% during 2012. The month of August was especially devastating. Since 2000, the current rupee level is the highest ever seen (look at the graph). From a low of Rs.39/dollar in Feb 2008, the Rupee is close to Rs.65.5/dollar. Repeated efforts by RBI to stem the rot went in vain so far.

Tags:  Indian Economy, Indian Market, Monetary Policy, Reserve Bank Of India - RBI
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GCC Financial Markets: The World's New Money Centers

Date : 02/06/2013 Author: M.R Raghus

Spurred by high oil revenues, credit growth and economic diversification, real GDP growth rates in the GCC countries have been high in international comparison. They have been comparable to those of other emerging and developing markets and considerably higher than those of the world or the advanced economies on average.

Tags:  GCC Markets, GDP, Stock Market
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Point and Counter Point

Date : 28/07/2009 Author: M.R. Raghu

This is truly an inflection point. On every major global economic issue, we have at least two divergent and yet convincing views reflecting the heights of confusion that stakeholders are doled in. We have encountered an unclear past but the current level of uncertainty is really historic in proportion.

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On Expected Lines…

Date : 09/03/2009 Author: M.R. Raghu

Nearly two months after 2008 ended, we have a view on about 64% of companies with results for Q-4 08 and for the full year 2008. While 86% of Saudi Arabia are out with results, the same for Kuwait is 26%. And the trend was on expected lines. Earnings experienced a sharp contraction during Q-4 thereby dragging down the overall performance for 2008.

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