Investment Advisory Services

Investment Advisory Services

Markaz Research
Markaz launches ‘Procurement Guide’ to Contractual Arrangements between Governmental & Quasi-Governmental Entities and the Company
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Markaz Research
Markaz exits industrial property in Phoenix achieving an internal rate of return of 17.44% for its investors
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Markaz Research
Markaz: Most GCC markets positive despite mounting concerns on economic recovery
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Investment Advisory Services

Advisory services are offered to various institutional and individual clients, both on discretionary and non-discretionary basis.

Markaz assists clients by creating optimal asset allocation models and selecting investments aimed to achieve the return and liquidity within the desired risk tolerance. Global asset allocation is offered across several asset classes: Equities, Fixed Income, Currencies, commodities and Real Estate.

Clients are provided with tailor-made portfolios to meet their financial objectives, supported by efficient employment of in-depth due diligence and constant monitoring and simple-to-read monthly reports and quarterly reviews.  While portfolio construction is based on strategic asset allocation, there is room for making tactical changes to take advantage of existing market opportunities.  In addition to conventional portfolios, Markaz offers its advisory services for Islamic portfolios to encompassing identification of opportunities, creation and management of such portfolios.

Of late, based on the current market conditions, the investment advisory team has increased its focus on structured products in order to offer clients customized investments opportunities. Considerable flexibility is provided with regard to underlying basket of assets, capital guarantee, upside participation and liquidity.

Key decisions are made by a team comprising experienced investment professionals who are alert to changes in local and international markets. While third-party research is utilized, in-house research reports are produced at regular intervals that focus on assets, markets and macro-economic outlook, and appropriate asset allocation.

Performance monitoring and reporting is given substantial importance.
Comprehensive monthly reports are provided, which combine review of the overall performance of the portfolio including a transaction summary, an asset appraisal, individual portfolio’s performance and a market outlook.

Quarterly reports are more detailed and include the following additional information:

  • Detailed performance review, explaining how performance was achieved – Attribution Analysis.
  • An analysis of the portfolio’s returns along the current trends and an assessment of whether the portfolio’s investments meet the long-term objective.
  • Investment advice provided by us during the period under review and our suggestions for action.