Markaz U.S. Multifamily Realty Investment IV

Fund Objective:

The Fund’s objective is to develop, lease-up and deliver for sale multifamily properties to capitalize on the market risk premium assigned to new construction investments relative to those in completed, occupied assets.

Key Terms

Fund Capital: US$ 67.2 million
Life of Fund: Five years
Fund Type: Close-ended
Fund Inception: March 2008
Targeted Annualized Returns: Minimum 13% for Class A Units
Minimum 14% for Class B Units
Fund Manager: Kuwait Financial Centre, S.A.K. “Markaz”
Mar-Gulf Management Company, Inc.
Fund Management Fee: 10% mark-up over amount invested in projects
Incentive Fee: 20% over an IRR of 10%
Minimum Subscription: 10 units
Subscription Fee: 2% of amount invested in projects
Distribution: Semi-Annually for Class A Units 
Domicile: Cayman Islands 
Base Currency: US Dollar