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The IT Department successfully assures the continuity of the business no matter what. Security is still and will always be the chief goal of the IT Department; several systems are deployed on different levels to guarantee the security and privacy of E-mails, information exchanged between individuals inside and outside MARKAZ, and of the system structure as a whole from hacking, viruses and malicious malware. The IT Department offers unique hardware/software packages; ranging from the latest networking hardware to the implementation of an advanced telephony system and numerous other services, and finally the dedicated and continuous support to all current and future system. The support includes all critical functions related to the business and involves rigorous studies and testing methods.

The commitment of the IT Department is not limited to the company’s boundaries, but it extends beyond the premises of the company: QFC as an example; guarantying the security and availability of the system and all related communications that occurred or still occurring between different branches and locations.

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