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The Financial Management department works effectively towards ensuring that all reformed initiatives are managed within a strategic framework which is aligned with the company’s annual financial budget. Our primary focus is in the areas of recognition, measurement, valuation and disclosure principles. Our highly trained and experienced work force aim at designing, implementing, and maintaining adequate internal control relevant to the fair presentation of the financial statements in accordance with the International Accounting Standards and International Financial Reporting Standards with the latest trends and developments.

With our main vision to present a true and fair financial position, the department selects and applies appropriate consistent accounting policies and makes accounting estimates that are reasonable in the circumstances. Through these measures and by coordinating with extreme proficiency, the Financial Management Department is able to attain the core objective of meeting with the financial reporting obligations and presenting the financial position of the company, its subsidiaries and branches to the Management, Board of Directors, Stakeholders and other potential users with precision and accuracy which help to stimulate action and to achieve appropriate solutions.

Compliance with regulatory authorities, taxation compliance in a timely manner is of paramount importance to the department. Practice of leading edge financial management based on sound Financial Management Structure, Management Information Systems, Policies and Procedures continues to keep “Markaz” at the most competitive level among Investment and Banking Companies.

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