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MENA Real Estate
The MENA Real Estate Department at Markaz offers investors various real estate investment opportunities across the MENA region. Markaz started its MENA Real Estate activity in Kuwait in 1998 with the launching of Mark      az Real Estate Advisory Services. Since then we have been consistent in our investment philosophy; focusing on acquiring and developing institutional quality properties, in prime locations, and always devising an exit strategy before the closure of a transaction.

In 2002, Markaz established MREF, an open ended fund, investing in income and non-income generating properties in Kuwait with the aim to generate stable income and returns through prudent acquisition, management and disposal of properties in the most promising segments of the real estate market mainly in Kuwait. As of May 2013 MREF owns 40 properties in Kuwait and its assets are valued at c. 100m KD

In 2006, Markaz launched the first product targeting the MENA region: Markaz Real Estate Opportunities Fund, an opportunistic private equity structure development fund. Since then we structured and managed 5 different investment products with a total equity of c.400m USD and made investments in KSA, Qatar, UAE, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria, and studied investments but did not invest in Oman, Egypt, Bahrain and Algeria. Furthermore, in 2013, Markaz was awarded a portfolio for Kuwait Investment Authority, mandating Markaz to invest 875m USD in Kuwait real estate market.

Through our vast network of developers, consultants, brokers, financial institutions and partners and our presence on the ground in the MENA region, we have access to unique investment opportunities covering the whole spectrum of the real estate world from income generating assets through real estate development and land development.

MENA real estate investments target a wide variety of sectors at different stages of the real estate asset development, investing in residential, commercial, industrial, hospitality and other sectors, developing land, developing buildings, managing income generating assets, as well as structuring products around assets. 


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Markaz Real Estate Fund Summary
Fund Objective:
The objective of the fund is to generate stable and recurring returns, in compliance with the Islamic Sharia’a, by investing in a portfolio of real estate properties within the state of Kuwait during the life of the fund, which is expected to be five years from the date of incorporation.

Fund Details

Markaz Real Estate Opportunities Fund Summary
Fund Objective:
To generate a compounded annual return of 15% over the Term of the Fund, net of all fees, costs or expenses and any applicable taxes; by investing in a portfolio of properties and real estate development projects in the GCC and wider MENA region, which Markaz believes are poised for increases in rents, land value and/or market value or which otherwise provide opportunities to generate capital appreciation and/or extract attractive ongoing returns.

Fund Details

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