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Markaz strategic research is positioned to provide the very best investment ideas to its clients. It aims to be thematic in selecting research ideas with a clear focus on investment actions and merits.

Being a regionally focused company, the research also is biased towards GCC and Mena region and issues confronting the region. However, the aim is to continuously benchmark the region with other developed and emerging market peers in order to obtain the requisite positioning.

Markaz research team uses highly specialized databases, both outsourced and developed in-house, in order to be statistically rich in its presentations and analysis. The high-powered analyst team also treasures the usage of advanced quantitative finance techniques to the extent they can be successfully adapted to the region.

Highlighted Research

GCC Demographic Shift

02 July 2012
The demographic structure of a country or region has wide-ranging implications, from health and education, to labor force make-up and fiscal budgeting. The population is the driving force of an economy; it is the unit by which economic output is realized and as such, should be invested in and shaped in a manner to better influence economic growth.

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Kuwait Investment Sector

28 March 2012
With the onset of the financial crisis and its ravaging impact during the last 3 years, Kuwait investment companies face enormous challenges. This includes reduction in overall assets managed, difficulty to recapitalize, lackluster stock market and increased regulatory pressures. The erstwhile business model which emphasized the more volatile investment income rather than the stable fee income did not help matters as well. Also, the product focus has been mostly index-based with lack of skill-based sophisticated products.

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