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Manaf Alhajeri - Kuwaiti financial sector’s expertise can play unique role in mitigating management risks of Kuwaiti sovereign bond
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Invitation to participate in Markaz bonds due 2021
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Markaz sponsors Nuqat’s The 7th sense Powering The Creative Economy conference
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September 2009

All part of the analysis game

Date : 09/09/2009 Author: Venkateshwaran Ramadoss

I am not trying to enact a Kahneman with this post, but I am trying to wonder, from what I do, see and hear, our susceptibility as analysts to errors driven by behavioral tenets. I have often been pointed out on my susceptibility to such follies and promptly guided out by my superiors, although it might not have happened all the time. Though no proud a claim it is, I have instances to console myself that they are prevalent in the market place and analysts, either amateur or seasoned, are equally susceptible for this part of the analysis game.

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