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Markaz: GCC Markets Fall Despite Oil Price Rise
Published: 05 - Oct - 2016 Read More
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Markaz sponsors Euromoney Kuwait Conference 2016
Published: 25 - Sep - 2016 Read More
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Oil Price Rebound Fails to Cheer GCC Markets
Published: 06 - Sep - 2016 Read More
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Sources of Stock Market Wealth Creation: 3 Distinct Case Studies

Date : 18/10/2016 Author: Marmore MENA

Stocks around the world create wealth to the shareholders either through dividends or capital gains or a mix of both and this holds true for the GCC region too. In this blog we examine three different stocks in the region that have created wealth through the above mentioned factors.

Tags:  Capital Gain, Capital Markets, Dividend, Stock Market
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Are GCC businesses leveraging social media enough?

Date : 04/10/2016 Author: Marmore MENA

As social media penetration continues to grow exponentially, so does the opportunity for Gulf businesses to engage their customers

Tags:  GCC, Sector, Social Media
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Should GCC banks be wary of Fintech entry?

Date : 27/09/2016 Author: Marmore MENA

Since the time internet revolutionized global communication, information technology (IT) has been disruptive, and has changed the business model of almost every industry known to mankind. Early adopters of technology enjoyed competitive advantage, while laggards lost customers. In the same vein, Financial Technology aka Fintech, is the next big change brought about by IT.

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Flat July for GCC Markets

Date : 15/08/2016 Author: Marmore MENA

According to Marmore’s recently released Monthly Market Review, July was a marginally positive month for the MENA indices, with most markets ending the month in green, as positive quarterly earnings led to increased investor activity

Tags:  Capital Markets, Oil, Stock Market
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Bankers can finally look forward to merger activity

Date : 08/08/2016 Author: Marmore MENA

The GCC’s investment bankers must be a stressed lot – too much work and such little reward.

Tags:  Capital, Economy, GCC
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